Brandon Silvers, co-founder

Brandon Silvers is co-founder of The People’s Beat. Prior to that, he gained many years of experience in doing a little bit of everything as a former athlete, real estate professional, and small business consultant. These jobs have served him well in his current role as he seeks to cover a little bit of everything in dynamic and interesting ways. Brandon hosts “Beyond The Arc with Brandon Silvers” a podcast where he combines humor and next-level analysis to take a look at the relationship between today’s hottest sports news and society as a whole. Brandon is proud to have been raised by his mother, Jill Silvers, and grandmother, Elise Silvers. Brandon spends his free time playing basketball, drinking margaritas outside when the weather is nice, and searching for missing socks that his dog, Kobe (a very good boy), claims to have no knowledge of despite them always being found in his room.

Fernando Soto, Co-founder